Wellness & Education Workshops on Tuesday 19th


Would you like to build a sauna yourself and have a very special sauna experience? Tent sauna is something worth trying and an amazing experience!

4Seasons Oy is a company from Orivesi, found by two men crazy with saunas. They have created a new kind of tent sauna concept. There has been tent saunas before, but the company wanted to take the tent sauna experience to the next level.

In their new tent sauna model they have concentrated especially on functionality and design. The arched roof gives the tent its own look and the windows make the sauna area bright. There is room for six people. The walls, roof, pipes and corner fittings of the tent sauna fit in a carrying bag that weighs only 19 kg.

Pic: 4seasons

In this workshop there are two tent saunas. You can concentrate on either building the sauna, having a very special löyly or enjoy both!
You might also get a special stamp to your sauna passport…

Find out more:
Facebook: 4Seasons Telttasauna Oy
Instagram: @four4seasonsfinland




Hey you all,
I’m Lyydianna Hangassalo from Kyrö Distillery Company!

I work as a senior host at Kyrö Visitor Center, where I’ve been working since 2018. I started working here right after I had graduated from upper secondary school and I had finished my military service. Ever since I started to work here, my heart has been sold to this awesome (and a bit crazy) company. ❤

Kyrö Distillery Company is a rye distillery that was founded by 5 lads in a sauna in 2012, in a small village, Isokyrö. Those boys were having a normal sauna-evening with friends, where they tasted some rye whisky. They loved it, and since then they’ve had a dream; the dream was to distill rye whisky in Finland, since by then, there had been no rye whisky distilleries in here.

Those five boys had no experience of distilling, so at first they had to learn. First years of our company’s story went by practising the distillation and visiting other distilleries to gather some knowledge. And finally in 2014, we actually started the production.

So, the goal was to make whisky, but after a while we also started to distill rye based gin. And just after a year of production, in 2015, our Napue Gin won the Best Gin for Gin & Tonic-category in the International Wine and Spirit competition. After the award, Napue’s production increased from the previously planned 23,000 bottles to 100,000 bottles in 2015.

The Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky is made of Finnish wholegrain rye. It was released in 2020, and it was awarded 98/100 points, and an outstanding medal from the International Wine and Spirits Competition in 2020.

If you want to hear more about our company’s story:
I will be hosting a virtual tour and tasting for you on 19th of July. On the tour I will tell you more about the story of Kyrö and about our production, and if you want to taste our products, that is possible in our tasting, where I tell you everything about them.


Start a new day like a cat with Piia (IFYE to USA, Virginia)! Stretching your body

PIc: Piia Henttinen

and opening your mind makes you ready to work powerfully the whole day. We use yoga wheels to open our bodies and find new relaxing positions. Open level class for everyone.

Piia is a performing artist, dancer and dance teacher with several specialties: pole dance, acrobaties, aerial yoga, whip cracking…


Find more on
– Facebook: Poledance Piagrina , Piagrina
– Instagram: @studiopiagrina
Have a very good and relaxing Tuesday morning with us!


Honeybees are fabulous creatures that never fail to surprise you. The fascination of keeping honeybees is that you never stop learning from your bees.

Pic: Leena Hirvonen

The honey produced in an apiary is an expression of the flowers in a 3-kilometre radius of the hives, combined with the weather over a season.
Many beekeepers aim at producing different honey types: not only polyfloral honey but also seasonal and mono-floral honey. Every honey has a specific origin, whether it is a mono-floral honey having a majority of its origin in a

specific flower or an early or late harvested honey or the honey of a special region. The short and intensive Finnish summer allows the bees to gather their unique blends of nectar efficiently from a myriad of flowers and we get to taste and enjoy the product of their hard and persistent work.

Have you got some questions about bees that you have always had in your mind but never found someone to answer? Have you wondered how you can help the pollinators?

Leena has kept bees for ten years and today she manages around 40 organic bee colonies, producing honey, beeswax, pollen and propolis. She also teaches beginners how to start keeping bees and belongs to the association for the Nordic brown bee beekeepers in Finland to promote the survival of the original brown bee, which is considered the original honey bee species in the Nordic countries.


Greetings from Jämsä, Finland. I’m Heli Aaltonen, Hungary IFYE 1996. I’m an outdoor class teacher and an environment educator. I’m waiting for my first IFYE Conference this summer!

Welcome to my outdoor classroom with the title ”Sense path”. I’m offering you a trip to enjoy nature and learn to feel better about yourself. Come and slow down! At the Sense path we make a short walking trip using all our senses. Come to look, smell, listen, touch, feel and taste.

Pic: Heli Aaltonen

Let’s look at the sky chanell or a small world of mosses, smell Finnish plants, listen to bird song, touch the grass, sand or moss barefoot, feel nature items and guess what they are and taste Finnish berries and wild herbs together. Maybe you find yourself hugging the tree or making a work of art.





Hi all, great to have you in Finland and get you to know our agriculture and rural economy.

I am Juho Urkko, and run our family farm close to Tampere city. Our main cultivars are spring crops – Wheat, oats, and barley. Area is well known for intensive broiler production, and on our farm my partner runs a broilerhouse for Atria, Finlands biggest pig & poultry slaughter. Farm we run together with my cousin. In our family belong my spouse Tiina and our son Hugo.

As my daily work I work for Lantmännen Agro, second biggest agriculture retailer in Finland in the position of sales director for cultivation inputs, Seeds, Fertilizers, Agri-chem and crop packing products. Our retailer network covers whole Finland, and our role is to serve them as a sourcing channel and link between domestic and international partners.

Lantmännen has invested heavily in sustainability running clear strategies in reduction of CO2 emissions, but also in use of virgin raw materials and environmental friendly programmes. One of the innovations is ThermoSeed, which enables us to move from seed treating chemicals, and instead use only hot, humid air to kill harmful plant pathogens.

Be welcome to hear and learn more of these themes!
Learn more about ThermoSeed:


Kaisa-Leena Kaarlonen, IFYE to USA 1973, is from Perniö countryside. She studied to be a kindergarten teacher and worked on her own farm. Art and handcrafts have always interested her. She started a puppet theater with her friend, and they visited children’s parties for years. Puppet theater work is still continuing: Kaisa-Leena makes puppets for theaters and arranges courses in her own atelier, Nuketteri GalleriaLevola .

PIc: Kaisa-Leena Kaarlonen.

After Kaisa-Leena participated in her first aquarelle painting course in 1999, she has had several art exhibitions, also with other artists, all over Finland and in some other countries too. We are happy to tell you that we are going to enjoy Kaisa-Leena’s art exhibition in Alkio-opisto during our conference!

In one of our workshops on Tuesday Kaisa-Leena will quide you to the secrets of aquarelle painting. After these creative lessons and aquarelle paintings made by IFYEs, there will of course be an IFYE art exhibition, too.

Visit Nuketteri GalleriaLevola Facebook page to see more of Kaisa-Leena’s art gallery!


Greetings from Kajaani, Finland! I´m Hanna Härmä, Northern-Ireland IFYE 2008, a teacher and an overly excited first timer in the Conference this summer I am offering you a workshop with a title ”Modern English teaching – interactive methods and technology”. After teaching English in the primary school grades from 3 to 6 for six years and currently studying to become an official English teacher, I’m really into new ways of engaging pupils and to help everyone to learn and find motivation to study. In the workshop I won’t just show you the different sources I have used with my students, but we will try them out. So fun games and interactive learning should be happening if I succeed in my planning.

Oh and I’m into PokemonGo and don’t complain about finding new (playing) friends! And I can always talk about Harry Potter too! And theater! And and and

Pic: Hanna Härmä