Tours on Monday 18th July


The unique Kapeenkoski area consists of a string of four rapids. On the shore there is Myllyniemi, a historical courtyard, which consists of an old watermill, sauna and granaries, now used as accommodation. Within the area there are over 4 km of nature trails with three difficulty levels, from unobstructed to challenging.

The best way to experience the whole area of Kapeenkoski is whitewater rafting – are you ready to get wet! Whitewater rafting in an inflatable boat is a fast-paced but safe way to get to know the river. The length of the route is approximately 1.5 km with the route going through four rapids and starting with paddling to a lock – already passing through a canal lock is an unique experience!

We will also have two Finnish companies introducing their products: Rapala, a manufacturer of fishing lures and other fishing related products, and Jukola Industries, an innovative company that designs and manufactures custom wood structures for construction.

We can’t wait – can you?

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Have you ever heard, or played, the Fortuna Game? Do the other games and toys in the photos seem familiar?

Juho Jussila was the one who invented the Fortuna Game and many other wooden toys and games. “Jukka” wooden toys and games have become classics all over the world, and have won numerous prestige prizes. Oy Juho Jussila is a family owned business, which is now in hands of fourth generation. The company was founded in 1923.

Picture: Toy factory

In the factory shop they not only sell new wooden toys, but also spare parts! In the same factory shop area is also a small toy museum. The company has stored products from the first years to these days.


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On our tour to Harvia we will get a little bit different point of view to sauna. Over the years following its founding in 1950, Harvia has built up a comprehensive product and service range around all three sauna types: traditional sauna, steam sauna and infrared sauna.

Harvia employs over 800 professionals in Europe, North America, and Asia. Approximately third of the company’s employees work in Muurame, only 15 km away from Alkio-opisto, where the company has its headquarters and its largest production facilities.

Harvia’s products and solutions are available in over 80 countries globally. Their vision is to become the insightful leader in sustainable wellbeing experiences in all sauna categories, cultures and health benefits.
Yes, sauna is a very important part of our conference in many ways!


Metsä Fibre is part of the Finnish forest industry group Metsä Group and a leading producer of wood-based bioproducts, such as pulp, sawn timber, biochemicals and bioenergy. The products are known for their high quality, which is based on the unique characteristics of Nordic wood.

Äänekoski bioproduct mill is the largest wood-processing plant in the northern hemisphere. It produces softwood and birch pulp as its main product, which is used as raw material for paperboard, tissue and printing papers and speciality products. The Äänekoski bioproduct mill does not only make many other bioproducts besides pulp, but it also produces significantly more bio-based electrical energy than a traditional pulp mill, and uses no fossil fuels.

Our host will tell us about Metsä Group, the mill of Äänekoski and forest education in Finland. We will also take a virtual tour at the mill!

Tours on Wednesday 19th July


The Serlachius Museums, Gösta and Gustaf, will fill our day with beautiful art, papermill history and gardens in Mänttä. Our tour has two parts: art museum Gösta and paper mill museum Gustaf. The Serlachius Museums are one of Finland’s most important cultural institutions and tourist attractions.

Gösta used to be Gösta Serlachius’, the mill owner, former manor and private residence. The first floor of the building has served as an art museum since 1945. The entire building became an art museum in 1984. The Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation’s collections are famous for its pearls of Finnish art. In addition, the collection of old European master paintings is on show.

Gustaf’s impressive building used to be the head office of a forestry giant. Gustaf Adolf Serlachius, who established a paper mill in Mänttä, was one of the pioneers of paper industry in Finland. The exhibition we will explore is called “Paper Devil – The life and business affairs of G. A. Serlachius”. It tells the story of the petulant paper mill owner, and Serlachius himself, his family, enemies and friends each will have their say.

Oh, and by the way: there is also sauna. Serlachius Art Sauna!

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Some might say the Leivonmäki National Park is like a miniature Central Finland. In this area just over 30 square kilometers, you will discover the nature

Pic: Marita Pynnönen

which encompasses ridges, lakes, forests, bogland and stunning eskers. All in all, Leivonmäki National Park offers varied terrain and first-class scenery as well as tracks and trails of different standards. We want to offer you an unforgettable hiking experience in this beautiful place!

It is also possible to make a virtual excursion to Leivonmäki National Park. Virtual contents have been created in the ‘Responsible tourism made visible in the Jyväskylä Region, Lakeland Finland’ project:…/leivonmaki/en.html

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